Anillo de gravesande

Why had he spoken almost as if he were displeased with her. And then run away so suddenly. She cried, hardly knowing why. Arthur too was very uneasy, but his feelings were lit up for him by a more distinct consciousness. He hurried to the Hermitage, anillo de gravesande stood in the heart of the wood, unlocked the door with a hasty wrench, slammed it after him, pitched Zeluco into the most distant corner, and thrusting his anillo de gravesande hand into his pocket, first walked four or five times up and down the scanty length of the little room, and then seated himself on the ottoman in an uncomfortable stiff way, as we often do when we wish not to abandon ourselves to feeling. He was getting in love with Hetty-that was quite plain. He was ready to pitch everything else-no matter where-for the sake of surrendering himself to this anillo de gravesande feeling which had just disclosed itself.
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